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Ten Things You Can Do with a Short-term Loan

Fast payday loans have a multitude of potential uses. We'll provide a list of the top ten ways to use your funds below.

  1. Keep the lights on. Maybe you lost or forgot about your utility bill, and now your utility company is threatening to turn your power off if you don't pay up. Short-term loans are a swift and effective solution in this scenario.
  2. Fill up your tank. Gas isn't cheap these days, and most people rely on their cars to get to and from work. If your tank is low and you're short on cash, sign up for advance funding to fill up your vehicle.
  3. Buy grocery staples. Are your cupboards bare and your paycheck is still a week or more away? Stock up on the essentials with cash from a reputable provider.
  4. Purchase a gift for a special occasion. Did you forget to leave room in your budget for a loved one's birthday or anniversary? Don't show up to such important occasions empty handed. Buy something special with the funds.
  5. Make your minimum credit card payment. Bad things happen when you don't pay or pay late on your credit cards. Rather than face all of those fees and other repercussions, sign up for an advance and pay on time.
  6. Pay your insurance premiums. It's hard to budget for expenses that only happen once or twice a year, and insurance premiums fall into that category. You can use the money to pay your car insurance, life insurance, or home insurance premiums.
  7. Renew your car's registration. Every year it seems to come as a surprise-your car's registration needs renewed. Don't risk a ticket by driving around with expired tags. Get the funds you need and pay your registration fees.
  8. Get your car back on the road. Maybe you got a flat tire, took your car into the shop, and learned that all four of your tires need replaced. Perhaps your timing belt went out suddenly. Regardless, it's not safe to drive your car without making these critical repairs first. Short-term borrowing solutions can help you cover emergency car repairs in a pinch.
  9. Buy new clothes. Do you have an important interview coming up but don't have anything to wear? Dress to impress with a little extra cash.
  10. Have some fun. Are you going on a weekend trip before your paycheck arrives and need some extra cash? Enjoy yourself by taking out funds to tide you over.