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Borrowing Facts

Take a moment to learn some important facts about fast payday loans before you borrow. We'll describe the borrowing process and explain how qualification works.

Step-by-Step Guide

The method for fast payday loans is radically simpler and more efficient than alternatives. In fact, the whole process only requires a few basic steps. Here is a step-by-step guide to how these services work:

  1. Get a referral from us. We are here to refer you to the right lender in our network. Our referrals are free, so you have nothing to lose. Filling out our sign-up form is the only thing we require.
  2. Evaluate your Provider. Once you receive your referral, you will usually be sent to the website of the provider. On the site, you can evaluate the company and decide if you want to take out fast payday loans from that company.
  3. Start the application. Many companies now offer online applications, so you can initiate the process electronically.
  4. Find out your approval status. Your lender will notify you of their approval decision after you submit your application. If you're approved, a representative will usually contact you via phone to iron out the details.
  5. The company wires the funds to your bank account. Funds are generally transferred electronically into the consumer's bank account by the next working day.
  6. Repay fast personalcashadvancecom loans on the due date. The repayment is automatic with most providers, so you don't have to bother writing and mailing a check on the due date (varies).

Qualification Explained

One of the nice things about short-term lending is that customers can qualify relatively easily, which makes these services infinitely more accessible than other options. Every company will have slightly different qualification requirements, so it's always best to ask about the requirements. Generally, companies require borrowers to have a job, meet a certain income level, maintain an active bank account, have U.S. citizenship, and be at least 18 years old. Others might require that you've been employed at your current job for a certain period of time or that you've had your bank account for a minimum amount of time. Again, the qualifying process will always vary, so ask for specifics before you apply.